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Each organization is unique in the needs and challenges it faces. Our fee is determined after we’ve had an opportunity to conduct a free consultation session. During this meeting, we’ll evaluate the types of services your organization needs. Ethos will then provide your team with a proposal for services and fee schedule.

Hiring a professional consultant is an important step for any organization- regardless of size or age of the institution. Your search isn’t just about finding the person with enough experience- it’s equally important to find a consultant who has a vision and philosophy that matches your organization. Here is some helpful advice to keep in mind when conducting your search:

  • Seek out consultants who have demonstrated a commitment to the ethical standards set forth in the field by the AFP and CFRE, those who have experience working in the sector, and those who have shown a dedication to meeting the highest performance standards as set out through credentialing bodies like the CFRE. 
  • Interview your consultant to gather insight into their perspectives on fundraising, how they envision a relationship with your organization, and how they measure success. It’s critical that these responses match the expectations of you and your team.
  • First, understand that pricing for consulting services can vary greatly. Many consultants, like those at Ethos, specialize in helping small or young nonprofits get on track in their fundraising work. We understand cost is a major factor so we work with organizations to create a pricing plan that fits both parties. Remember, hiring a consultant is like any other investment. You need to be prepared to invest in your organization’s growth if you hope to realize gains down the road. 
  • Some organizations are unable to afford consulting support but we’ve found these are often the organizations that need it the most! Because we believe every nonprofit deserves a chance to reach their potential, we established the Ethos Good Works Scholarship. We reward a consulting scholarship to 2-3 nonprofits each year. Visit our scholarship page here to learn more.

Absolutely! Starting a nonprofit is an exciting decision but can quickly become overwhelming without knowing the right steps to take to ensure success. We can provide you with guidance on everything from registering your organization to putting the infrastructure in place to begin effectively providing services.

Yes. We have extensive experience working with nonprofits all around the world, including France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, and more. We understand that giving is practiced and experienced differently across cultures and geographic regions. You need a consultant who knows how to integrate this sensitivity into your fundraising strategy. Ethos is here to bring that experience to your organization and help you achieve your best results.

It all depends. Our philosophy is built on teaching nonprofits how they can achieve their desired outcomes and implement lasting change in their organization. We’ll work closely with you to determine a realistic timeline to achieve your goals while ensuring you and your team have the proper training and resources for continued success long after our engagement ends.

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